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Taralga is a small and historic town lying to the West of Goulburn.

Taralga on the road to Wombeyan


The first European to pass through Taralga was the explorer Charles Throsby who, in 1819 journeyed from Cowpastures (now Camden) to Bathurst in search of new grazing lands. John Macarthur rewarded Throsby with 1 000 acres and by 1824 Macarthur's son James and his nephew Hannibal had established themselves in the Taralga region where they helped pioneer Australia's wool industry.

Taralga was recognised as a settlement around 1825, and established as a town in the 1860s. Located west-south-west of Sydney and 45 km north of Goulburn en route to Wombeyan Caves and Oberon.

The settlement began to expand in the 1850s. A national school was opened in 1857 and the first church in 1861. Many of the town's sandstone and basalt buildings emerged over the next 20 years. Stores and inns began to appear and, by 1866, the town had 110 residents, 24 dwellings, three hotels and three churches with a fourth added in 1868. A Catholic school opened in 1870. By 1891 the population had reached 723 and Macarthur's Richlands estate was subdivided for closer settlement in 1910.

Most of the town preserves and tries to protect a very unique building style for Australia. Built from stone and rocks rather than quarried the buildings have a character somewhere between Georgian and Victorian which gave them larger windows and a somewhat better construction than those in Australia at the time.

Taralga is a wonderful little town with plenty of character sitting at an elevation of roughly 845 m (2,772ft). It manages to keep it’s charming looks because the road through is not a major thoroughfare, although there are a growing number of visitors and travellers visiting the area and this is also because on route many travel on to explore the mysterious Wombeyan Caves.

If you would like to find out more about the history of Taralga and the area, or you are tracing your family tree please read the Taralga Historical Society page for more information.



Taralga Post Office (LPO) 


29 Orchard Street,

Taralga NSW 2580


Tel: (02)4840 2099

Fax: (02)4840 2296



Opening hours*


  • Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Sat - Sun Closed

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 Useful Contact Numbers


Taralga Police Station


Macarthur Street
NSW, 2580

Contact: Phone: 02 4840 2044
Not open 24 hours


Crookwell District Hospital


Kialla Road

Contact: Phone: 02 4832 1300 - Please phone for all hospital enquiries


Ambulance Service of NSW

Contact Person: Station Manager (Ambulance Officer)


25 Spring Road
NSW, 2583

Contact: Phone: 131 233 - DIAL 000 - EMERGENCY


State Emergency Service - Crookwell

Contact Person: Carmel Page (Local Controller)


McIntosh Road
NSW, 2583

Contact: Phone: 02 4832 0049 - DIAL 132 500 - EMERGENCY


NSW Rural Fire Service - Crookwell District

Contact Person: Ian Kennerley (Fire Control Officer)


McIntosh Road
NSW, 2583


Phone: 02 4832 0268 - DIAL 000 - EMERGENCY
Fax: 02 4832 2057

Taralga Public School


95 Orchard Street
NSW, 2580

Contact: Phone: (02) 4840 2047


Taralga Public School Website

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